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The South China tiger is the ancestral root of all tigers, a national, cultural icon of China, and yet it is the most critically endangered of tigers with about 100 left in captivity.

Our mission is to restore, reintroduce and protect a genetically viable population of South China tigers and its biodiverse ecosystem.


The South China Tiger, also known as the ‘Chinese’, or ‘Amoy’ tiger is considered critically endangered by the IUCN. There are few, if any in the wild, with the last confirmed sighting over two decades ago. There are currently about 100 in captivity in Chinese zoos, reserves and in the care of

Save China’s Tigers.

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Important Rewilding Research Paper Published

Vivienne McKenzie

In Loving Memory of

On morning of October 8th, 2016 a heartbreaking incident occurred at the reserve resulting in the loss of our Tiger Manager, Vivienne McKenzie due to a tiger attack. The staff and management of Laohu Valley Reserve, Save China's Tigers and the China Tiger Project were devastated by the tragic loss of their close friend and associate and sincerest condolences go out to family and friends.  

6 NEW CUBS FOR 2016!

In 2016, the world’s most endangered tiger, the South China tiger took significant step(s) forward on the road to recovery with the birth of 6 healthy cubs at the Laohu Valley Reserve. Three cubs were born to Madonna: Hunter (M), Ivan (M) and Jay (M), two cubs to Cathay: Felix (M) and Gilbert (M) and one cub to Princess: K (sex to be determined). All cubs are doing grrrrreat!

Madonna (L) with Jay

Princess (L) with K


We are pleased to announce the recent birth of 3 new cheetah cubs in the wild at Laohu Valley Reserve.  Cheetahs are I.U.C.N red-listed as 'Vulnerable'. The reserve's three adult cheetahs are the only free-ranging cheetahs in the Free State province, making the three new 3 cubs the first cheetahs born in the wild since their disappearance from the province in well over a century.

Laohu Valley Reserve is one of the largest privately owned protected areas in South Africa. While principally focused on the endangered South China tigers,  biodiversity and restoration of the reserve habitat flora and fauna is a key platform of our mission.


First Wild Cheetahs Born In Free State In Over A Century

Cheetah mom sporting a GPS tracking collar guardedly watches her playful brood and wary of the distant photographer.


6 June 2017, The Royal Courts of Justice, London 

In divorce proceedings between Li Quan and Stuart Bray, the UK Court of Appeal has rejected allegations made by Ms Quan that the Save China’s Tigers (“SCT”) and Chinese Tigers South African Trust (“CTSAT”) charities had supported her lifestyle.  Ms Quan sensationally claimed in the High Court that she and her estranged husband had been using the assets of the charities (which the couple helped found) for non-charitable, personal benefit, including expensive holidays.  After a 25-day trial in the High Court, Sir Paul Coleridge found that Ms Quan had fabricated these stories out of revenge.  However, Ms Quan was subsequently granted permission to appeal the judgment of Sir Paul Coleridge.  In a major set-back for Ms Quan’s attempt to take the assets of the charities for herself, the appeal was unanimously dismissed today by Lady and Lord Justices King, Richards, and Moylan.

UK Court of Appeal confirms Chinese Tiger trust

“was always, and is, only for the Chinese Tigers”